Democrats’ voter hotline heats up with complaints, concerns, questions

The hotline was created in part in response to other states’ laws that have either mandated identification at the polls or curtailed early voting, Christian Mitchell, a Democratic state representative from Chicago and executive director of the state party, said last month in announcing the hotline.

State Democrats launch hotline as they try to get out the vote

“Voting is every American’s fundamental right, one that was fought for in countless battles. Even today, there are countless examples of voter suppression and barriers to voting, and we will work diligently to dismantle those efforts,” the party’s executive director, state Rep. Christian Mitchell, said in a statement.

[AUDIO] The Daily Line’s Aldercast: Democratic Party of Illinois’ Christian Mitchell

“Making sure that we emphasize next cycle having more candidates of color, even more women insofar as we can,” Mitchell said. “I think that’s really important based on where the base of the Democratic Party is and based on who have been reliable Democratic voters for years. I think we did a really good job this cycle in recruiting candidates who can win their districts. I think in the future I want to make sure that the party is reflective of our demographics.”

First black lawmaker to run Illinois Democratic Party: 'People of color are becoming more engaged'

Mitchell said the Democratic Party is “becoming younger. It’s becoming more tech-savvy. People of color are becoming more engaged, and so I hope that I’m a foot in the door for that — that sort of changing guard and style of leadership.”

[AUDIO] “The face of the Democratic Party is changing and evolving”

Rick Pearson speaks with State Rep. and the newly named Interim Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois, Christian Mitchell of Chicago. Rick and Christian explore the evolution of the Democratic Party of IL as far as an institution, the million-dollar effort for voter registration, and Christian’s selection into his new position.

Mitchell leads protest against Pence visit, highlights 10 ways Rauner should’ve stood up to Trump

“We can’t afford to stand on the sidelines while Donald Trump and Mike Pence attack the values that make our state strong,” said DPI Executive Director Christian Mitchell. “Communities across our state under assault — Bruce Rauner needs to take charge, put people over politics, and stand up for Illinois.”