Taking on Governor Rauner

Governor Rauner actions speak volumes. His cuts to child care, in-home care for the elderly and disabled, the Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and the Summer Youth Employment Program are devastating to the communities and families in the 26th district.

Winning the long-term fight against Rauner’s agenda is going to take a statewide coalition of supporters united with a common goal and concrete plans that can deliver real results.

As part of his fight against the governor, Christian:

  1. Voted 100% of the time to override the Rauner’s vetos.

  2. Vehemently opposed Rauner’s efforts to enact “Right to Work” legislation, bust unions, and cut the Summer Youth Employment Program.

  3. Wrote open letters to the Rauner Administration calling on the governor to support education funding reform and provide CPS with the much needed financial relief that our students’ success depends on.

  4. Organized mass phone banks, canvasses, and rallies against Rauner’s cuts to child care, his refusal to pass a budget, and his efforts to destroy organized labor.