Public Safety

Christian believes that everyone deserves to feel safe in their neighborhood. But gun violence has gripped many of our communities. It has taken too many of our young people, destroyed entire neighborhoods, and left many of our parents with unspeakable grief.  

To make our communities safer, Christian:

  1. Heads the Illinois Gun Trafficking Task Force. Christian created the task force to help keep guns from getting into our neighborhoods. The task force works with state and local police to cut off the flow of illegal guns across state lines.

  2. Passed a law requiring universal background checks for private handgun sales. This law closed risky loopholes and prevents criminals from buying guns illegally.

  3. Wrote legislation to tighten regulations on gun dealers by requiring them to obtain a state license. This legislation would make sure gun dealers can’t set up shop near schools and parks where our children learn and play. It would also tighten the rules for video surveillance, record keeping, and background checks.