Environment & Clean Energy

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges of our lifetime and is a threat to our safety, our health, and our future. Environmental policies (or lack-thereof) disproportionally impact future generations, as well as people of color. When a levee breaks or a reservoir is contaminated, the people who suffer the consequences first are communities of color and low-income communities. Christian knows the importance of policies that keep our air and water clean, hold polluters accountable for their carbon emissions, and create economic incentives to drastically reduce, or eliminate entirely, future emissions.

As State Representative, Christian has worked hard to put pro-environment policies in place. He is a chief co-sponsor of the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill, which will create an estimated 32,000 new jobs, lower electricity costs, and reduce the state's carbon footprint. Christian was a vocal supporter of a stronger Renewable Portfolio Standard, which steered a larger share of state investments to sustainable energy sources. In 2018, Christian was the Chief House Sponsor of SB 3156, a bill to increase transparency around Illinois Environmental Protection Agency investigations.

Christian has 100% voting record from the Illinois Environmental Council.