Criminal Justice Reform

Christian understands firsthand the impact our broken justice system can have on communities and families. His aunt was wrongfully imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit. She was later exonerated, but Christian’s family had to spend their life savings on lawyers’ fees to clear her name.

To create a fairer criminal justice system, Christian:

  1. Helped write and pass the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act. The law now requires independent investigations of police-involved deaths, mandates additional training for all local law enforcement officers, and expands access to body cameras.

  2. Pushed legislation to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. Current drug laws have disproportionate effects on poor communities and communities of color. It is critically important to the success of our communities and our state that young people — especially young black men — do not find themselves with a scarlet letter that dooms them to a future they do not deserve. Approaching drug addiction as a public health issue, rather than a crime, ensures that non-violent drug offenders get the treatment they need to live productive and fulfilling lives.