Creating Jobs & Helping Working Families

Christian was raised by a single mom, who is now a 15-year breast cancer survivor, and his grandfather, who was a union steelworker. He knows how difficult it is to raise a family and how critical it is that our communities have access to good-paying jobs.

To give working families the boost they deserve, Christian:

  1. Is a chief co-sponsor of the Clean Jobs Bill. The bill would create 32,000 new jobs per year while also reducing our carbon pollution.

  2. Is fighting to ensure all Illinois workers have access to paid sick leave. Christian wrote the Employee Paid Health Care Time Act, which would ensure that when workers get sick they don’t have to choose between earning a paycheck or staying home and getting better. Giving workers this piece of mind is good for Illinois families and our economy.

  3. Is leading the charge for a Progressive Income Tax. Illinois’ current tax structure is archaic and unfair. We need to provide our lower and middle-income earners the relief they deserve while also asking the folks at the very top to pay their fair share. A progressive income tax is the only way we will be able to solve our revenue crisis and fund critical programs like education, infrastructure, and health care for our seniors.

  4. Is pushing legislation to expand access to the Child Care Assistance Program. Hard working parents who are trying to create a better life for their families should have access to quality, affordable child care so their kids can learn in a safe environment while they are at work.

  5. Vehemently opposes Governor Rauner’s efforts to enact “Right to Work” legislation, bust unions, and cut the Summer Youth Employment Program.